Easy to use line drawing rendering addon.


Sometimes– LESS is MORE

Especially when you're trying to communicate your early design to a client. You don't want to show them full renderings because a) you don't want them to think of the design as final and; b) you can't afford the time to create a photoreal render with proper environment. SKETCH STYLE addon to the rescue!

Check out this video!

Excellent add-on ! Easy to use and great time saver. The presets are also very good. Works perfectly with both EEVEE and Cycles !
—Kenji Aito
Excellent addon! Thanks Chipp. Works well with my set design for movie sets in combination with ARCHIPACK PRO. So fast clean....KitOPS Pro is also killer.
—gary barringer
This just work incredible out of the box. Just what I needed.
—Kenneth B.


SKETCH STYLE is a Blender 2.8+ addon which gives you a quick workflow to create Ambient Occlusion, “clay” and “sketch” type renderings, very much like what you would see in SketchUp or other non-photoreal renderers.

AND, there are 3 significant parts of this addon which makes it different from any other available.

1. The workflow is streamlined

Setup is FAST. You basically press a SINGLE button and BAMM! You’re ready to render. All the materials in your objects have just been overridden by the SKETCH STYLE material.

2. You can quickly TOGGLE back and forth between your current photoreal scene and your SKETCH STYLE scene.

No need to reassign materials or adjust render settings.

3. You have the ability to selectively assign your photoreal materials to your SKETCH STYLE scene.

Blender's own override system makes every object the same material. There are NO EXCEPTIONS! Furthermore, it only works in Cycles.

Our Override system works in EEVEE and allows you to selectively apply override materials.This means transparent objects like glass, emissive lights and reflective mirrors and even decals can now be rendered WITH the override materials in SKETCH STYLE. Our override system allows for keeping different sets of materials when renderings SKETCH STYLE vs rendering your original scene.

And finally, SKETCH STYLE has a number of easy to use controls to tweak the final look of your render.

And as a bonus, SKETCH STYLE comes with a bunch of presets AND you have the ability to create, save and load your OWN presets!

WHO is this addon for?

SKETCH STYLE is targeted at concept artists, product and industrial designers and architects who like the look of line drawings and SketchUp renders. This render style is great for preliminary design phases and is much faster and easier to setup than creating a photoreal render. Furthermore, clients have an inherent expectation when looking at a line drawing that they are reviewing only concepts and not final designs.

Great for creating GUIs and Interfaces        

WHY create this addon?

While Blender is capable of creating advanced Freestyle renders, the interface for doing so can be quite confusing, not to mention the fact that’s it’s most difficult to toggle back and forth between a photoreal render setup and a Freestyle one.

This add-on focuses on creating a fast workflow to make this process as simple as possible.

Great for preliminary product visualizations        

HOW does it work?

The SKETCH STYLE Render addon does some behind the scene setup magic and works with both Cycles and EEVEE along with custom SKETCH STYLE override settings, a custom world setting and Blender’s powerful Freestyle to create a new scene in the current .blend file. This scene can then be toggled on/off to go back and forth between the line drawing and the full rendering of the blend file. AND.... By loading different settings files, different render effects can be created.

All of this can be completed manually and tediously without the addon. The addon expedites the process significantly and allows for a quick workflow. So, now even if you have no idea on how to use Blender’s complex freestyle NPR renderer, you can quickly create your own line renders– and if you have some Freestyle knowledge, you can extend your rendering with custom SketchStyle preset.

SVG Export

SKETCH STYLE comes with documentation on how to create SVG vector exports from your line renders.