A systematized approach to applying 100s of curated materials

EEVEE Materials

Do you know what CMF is?

CMF stands for Color, Materials, and Finish. And do you know Apple employees even more CMF designers than they do industrial designers? That is how important CMF is to product design. And, having the right materials only a click away is the best way to quickly find the right decorative identity for any object.

Check out this video!

Quickly set up and easily customize. All materials are of very high quality and fit any type of model. Even a beginner like me can use it easily. Very nice add-on!
—Kei Muratagawa
Low memory EEVEE material collection with a lot of the basic materials to get you going. Also, great video documentation to get you up and running and see how to work with it. And everything is very well organized and named to work in big scenes with lots of materials without getting a headache.
—Hartmut Döring

NEW! V4 has all new updated Car Paint Materials

NEW! V3 is the CAMO edition (plus some new wood textures). Check out the CAMO materials-- 24 in all. Included are both analog and digital camouflage patterns.

NEW! V2 is the Paint and Plastics Edition and is a free update for existing users.

With best-in-class and accurate tileable paint and plastic textures, it's a must for product designers.

Our goal is to provide you with the best quality maps and a systemized approach to using them. We don't scrape the web for thousands of textures, then bundle them and sell you on quantity. Instead we're focused on providing our own painstakingly crafted one-of-a-kind textures which will help you create exactly what you're looking for.

The Definitely EEVEE Materials System is the systematized approach to applying over 100 curated and popular materials to create photorealistic scenes and objects in Blender 2.8+


It's a collection of 100+ EEVEE compatible photoreal Materials which can be added to any object using the included FREE version of KIT OPS. No UV mapping necessary for objects!

Using the included systematized approach, you can create an infinite number of derivative photoreal materials.

Plus there is the Amazing Dirt Group Node, which adds altitude mapped and ambient occlusion dirt to any material.

While the materials can be "appended" via Blender 2.8, the System comes complete with 7 courses walking you through how best to install and use the Materials and the System.


Listing of all the materials

plus 24 new Camouflage materials, 6 new Wood materials, 5 new car paint materials and all updated plastics materials including 2 new bump maps.


  • 01 Installing KIT OPS
  • 02 Installing the Materials KPACKS
  • 03 Using the Material System
  • 04 Understanding EXCALIBUR: the 'x' materials
  • 05 The Amazing DIRT GROUP NODE
  • 06 Adding different Materials to Boolean cuts
  • 07 Understanding the Material OneShaderToRule


EEVEE users who want Photoreal textures and want to quickly create variations for Interiors, Sci Fi scenes and premium designed objects.

And, it can all be applied without UV mapping any of the objects.


The materials are stored in separate folders describing the grouping for the individual .blend files. These files are special in that each folder also represents a KIT OPS KPACK. Course 1 walks you through installing KIT OPS. Course 2 walks you through installing the KPACKS. Course 3 shows you the basics on how to use them. Then there are 4 more courses which help you better understand the system.


Over the years, as an Industrial Designer, I have a "go to" list of materials I want to use over and over. Whether I doing renderings for Elon Musk and the Hyperloop, or creating the latest Drone Ambulance for Fast Company, I need to iterate quickly on CMF (Colors, Materials & Finishes).

This Swiss Army Knife set of materials combined with the systematized approach provides me with a quick solution, which renders photorealistic, and is easily modified.


100 infinitely adjustable materials. Why so cheap? I hate subscription based services where all they give you is a texture and you pay each month for it. I'm still building a brand and want to make sure the products I provide are of high quality and good value.

Does it work in Cycles? YES. All except the Glass shaders (4 of them) work with Cycles as well.

Can you use it with UV Mapped objects? CERTAINLY. If you have objects that are UV mapped, it will work even better!

Are these procedural materials? NO. They are carefully curated photo materials designed to tile without repeating by using the OneShaderToRule system.

Does it come with the free version of KIT OPS? Yes.

What if I already have KIT OPS PRO? Then it will work with it as well.