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The Blender Journey


for Blender 2.82+

Setup multi-camera animations FAST

QUICK SHOT is a new Blender addon that will change how you think about presenting your finished projects. Check out this video to learn more about it.



STEAM INSERTS KPACK which you can use KIT OPS FREE or PRO to directly drop into your scene. Created by Ian Hubert, this KPACK has two different material shaders-- for different reasons, explained in the video below. So, that makes 20 different INSERTS in all.



CHALK STYLE FREE and CHALK STYLE PRO Blender addons which works in Blender 2.82 and creates beautiful ambient occlusion wireframe renderings in just seconds.

It’s between 10 and 100 times faster than Blenders freestyle renders. And even better you only need to press a single button to see your render in seconds.

And, the coolest part is you can adjust line weights for both wireframe and outlines as well as control the relative darkness of the ambient occlusion pass. And this is AFTER the render has completed!

And new to CHALK STYLE PRO is the ability to relight your render AFTER you’ve created it! Yes, you heard that right– you can actually adjust the lighting in your render after it’s completed!

Please see the video below for more information.



Sometimes– LESS is MORE

Especially when you're trying to communicate your early design to a client. You don't want to show them full renderings because a) you don't want them to think of the design as final and; b) you can't afford the time to create a photoreal render with proper environment. SKETCH STYLE addon to the rescue!



The absolute best secret to good design.

Is... iteration. Continually tweaking the forms, the proportions, the overall shape. The number of spokes, vents, grill and button details including the tiniest of radiuses. Understanding and using Blender's modifiers allow you to do create an infinite number of variations– and lightning quick! Over 20 videos, and still growing, explain the magic of NITROX3D.


EEVEE Materials

Do you know what CMF is?

CMF stands for Color, Materials, and Finish. And do you know Apple employees even more CMF designers than they do industrial designers? That is how important CMF is to product design. And, having the right materials only a click away is the best way to quickly find the right decorative identity for any object.



Can you create a unique sci-fi prop in a couple minutes?

With our Blender addon you can! It's the only kitbashing addon that not only adds but also subtracts from existing geometry, and it can be layered upon itself! There's also a free version you can use with existing kitbash sets we call KPACKS. Check it out now!


EEVEE Interiors

Think about it.

Imagine rendering a photoreal interior scene in under 10 seconds– at 4K resolution! That's the power of EEVEE in Blender 2.8+. Create a 5 minute walk through animation during your lunch break. This first of its kind course, focuses ONLY on EEVEE rendering and teaches you quickly everything you need to create stunning interiors in a very short time.



KIT OPS BATCH automates creating KPACKS and INSERTS. You can quickly create thumbnails from an existing KPACK folder. Automate creation of INSERTS from a folder of OBJs. Export your existing blender objects and collections to OBJs and convert them into INSERTS.



To understand BEVEL, you need to understand that one of the last and most important steps in creating realistic objects is adding a small bevel to the final product.

These tiny bevels catch the light and communicate to the eye that something is real. In Blender, we have a Bevel modifier which we can use to add a final bevel to some models. But, unfortunately, many models cannot use the bevel modifier without destroying the surface topology and causing nasty render artifacts. So, what to do?

Well, we can use some rendering trickery to create “fake bevels” and in fact do much more. And when we do this, we get the added advantage of not adding geometry to our model

So, what we’ve done with KIT OPS BEVEL, is to use that same that bit of our magic, to create a simple system to add bevels to any object which will render both EEVEE and Cycles.